Work with children’s commissioner

In 2016 Adele began working with Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner, and Esther Rantzen. This work started as a result of a number of survivors at Adele’s national conference Coming out of the Darkness, commenting that they had not sought help when they were being abused; mainly because they didn’t recognise that they were being abide although all had experienced moments of doubts and anxiety about their experiences; they did not know where to go for help; and they would not have considered approaching a national service such as ChildLine. Adele has contributed to facilitating consultations with young people in general as well as those at risk of CSE and with survivors. She has contributed as part of a development and steering group to the new Is It Ok? app and advice service being launched this year. Adele continues to work with the Children’s Commissioner on issues such as the implementation of the Barnahus model pilot across the UK in 2017/2018.